Welcome to Indochine Maison

Welcome to the world of Indochine Maison.

As a buyer of home goods for most of the last decade, the search for housewares, furniture, designs, and decorations has taken me all throughout South and Southeast Asia. Every inch of every page of my passport is covered with stamps from trips into Thailand, Indonesia, China, Indonesia and more; I’ve made discoveries in night bazaars, rural cottages, and even on walks trying to cool down in alleys of Hong Kong. But no matter how many times I go back, there’s always something new to be found. In fact, these trips have never ceased to be inspiring.

The result of all this exploration is Indochine Maison. This project is an incredibly personal endeavor for me; it is a place I can combine two of my greatest passions: travel and design. There is nothing like the discovery of a perfect piece after hours of searching for something - anything - that captures the essence of exotic beauty and faraway adventure. That’s why I will be designing, creative directing, and curating every piece that can be found here. More importantly, that’s why we will be the only online destination that you can find new collections every two weeks.

Wendy at the Factory

While other sites will release their offerings seasonally, we see no reason to wait. Artists in India and crafts makers in Thailand don’t wait to drop their Fall Collections; they create, they perfect, and then they introduce their inventions to the world. Why wouldn’t we take the same approach?

As we continue this journey, don’t just come back every two weeks for our latest lines. Visit our blog for travel tips, recipes, pictures from our trips, and more. Our goal isn’t just to bring a little bit of the world to you, it’s also to inspire you to do the same!

To the locals, this is just life. This is their culture. This is normal. To me, this is magic. And if we can help just a spark of that feeling come into your home, then we’ve done our job.

- WY

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