Add Bohemian Accents into your Decor

Looking into revamping your space and incorporating that boho chic vibe yet luxe and sleek feel into its aesthetic? Here's how you can combine the two styles seamlessly without compromising your home's streamlined elegance. 
Nail down the neutrals. The perfect boho interior palette starts with the basic foundation of neutrals. This will allow you to play with different colors, textures and patterns without losing the modern feel of your space.  
As a staple visual piece in any bohemian style room, dream catchers have come a long way from merely being a protective charm to filter out bad dreams. Intricately handwoven in India, our Macrame Dream Catchers and Wall Hanging Decors are the equal balance of minimal and chic. 

Contrary to popular belief, your space doesn't need color to feel boho-chic. Despite the muted color scheme, it can still bohemian at heart with a variety of textures like fringes, tassels and handwoven macrame. 

 Bohemian rooms feel airy and bright. Keep your wall decor minimal and prop lanterns and glass jars with candles to give your bedroom a lovely ethereal glow. Our handwoven macrame glass lanterns can also hold plants and flowers.

 Feeling inspired? Head on over to our Formentera Macrame Collection for the full product line to turn your space into a charming wonderland of unique and eye-pleasing textures today.


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