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Our Philosophy

There are three criteria for the products you’ll find here: they need to be beautiful, meaningful and affordable. Each piece has been crafted to express more than an appreciation for their origins; they’re meant to encourage wonder, invite community and inspire wanderlust.

Indochine Maison is inspired by people, places and beautiful things. We believe that every time you visit, there should be something that captures the essence of a faraway culture, yet still immediately accessible.

As we introduce new collections every month, we’re offering a way to distinguish your home with an eclectic aesthetic made from authentic components sourced from around the world – a away to remember a faraway place, or a reminder that your own journey there is not far off. 


Founder’s Note

Sri Lankan Train Rides

I learned from a very early age that inspiration is everywhere. A passion for design runs in my family; as a child, my family vacations often had me tagging along to French flea markets or throughout tiny shops in Southeast Asia.

No matter where we were, there was always something I would be drawn to - not just the glamour, but also the grit; the textures, the typefaces, the visual soul of different cultures.

Our hope is to recreate, in some small way, the excitement of discovering an item in a back alley market, working with a local artist to create something truly unique, or just finding that one remembrance that immediately brings you back to the place it came from.

I have three great passions in life: design, travel, and food. Indochine Maison is my place to combine these three. As the chief curator, I want every piece to reflect the brilliance and intrigue of the countries they are sourced from.

We hope you come back often, as our revolving collection of original pieces will reflect our ongoing travels and the everyday beauty of the world around us.

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Wendy Yang
Founder, Indochine Maison







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By designing our own collections and crafting our own products, we eliminate typical industry markups and are able to offer premium quality goods at an affordable cost.