Acadian Two Section Rectangle Tray


Inspire the feeling of the outdoors with this one-of-a-kind wooden serving tray. This piece is hand-carved from reclaimed wood with exposed bark edges to keep true to it's natural beauty. It's two sections make it perfect for pairings: hummus and pita, nuts and berries or keys and coins.

Handcrafted by master artisans in Chiangmai, Thailand. Each bark trays takes almost 3 days to complete.

Dimension 17”L x 6”W x 3”H (L43.25 cm x W15.25 cm x H7.75 cm)
Material Rustic, reclaimed wood with exposed live edge bark
Origin Handcrafted from Thailand
Care To clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Food safe.
Item# 63635

 High Quality Hardwood

All Indochine Maison goods are crafted from high quality Acacia & Hevea hardwood. Our use of Hevea & Acacia hardwood is ideal as the density of their cellular structure makes them a more appropriate choice for serving a dish with a high water content i.e. Salad.


Anti Microbial Properties

Hardwood is best suited for serve ware for its anti-microbial properties. Research shows that germs and bacteria grow much quicker on plastic and metal than on wooden cookware surfaces.





100% Non-Toxic

No use of formaldehyde, lead, mercury, cadmium or any other toxic finishes in our products.







One Piece Construction

Every Indochine Maison piece is constructed with a single piece of wood. We do not use any wood glue in our products.






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