The Carmine Long Board


This bold wood serving tray is the perfect centerpiece for bringing a natural touch to your tabletop decor. Carved from a single piece of solid Hevea wood and crafted entirely by hand, its natural wood beauty will bring a rustic warmth to your tabletop as the perfect vessel for nuts, cheese and a charcuterie board.

Handcrafted by master artisans in Chiangmai, Thailand. Each long board takes almost a week to complete. Slight variations in wood coloring should be expected and embraced! All boards are 100% non toxic & food safe & buffered with our special blend of organic wood butter.

Great For  An epic European charcuterie board or serving a feast to a small army.
Dimension 34"L x 8.25"W x 3.25"H (L86.5cm x W20.5cm x H8cm)
Material Solid Hevea wood with cast iron handles.
Origin Handcrafted from Thailand
Care Hand wash with hot, soapy water. Hand dry thoroughly. Do not soak in water for long periods of time. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Store in a dry area & avoid extreme temperatures.
Item#  1252

 High Quality Hardwood

All Indochine Maison goods are crafted from high quality Acacia & Hevea hardwood. Our use of Hevea & Acacia hardwood is ideal as the density of their cellular structure makes them a more appropriate choice for serving a dish with a high water content i.e. Salad.


Anti Microbial Properties

Hardwood is best suited for serve ware for its anti-microbial properties. Research shows that germs and bacteria grow much quicker on plastic and metal than on wooden cookware surfaces.





100% Non-Toxic

No use of formaldehyde, lead, mercury, cadmium or any other toxic finishes in our products.







One Piece Construction

Every Indochine Maison piece is constructed with a single piece of wood. We do not use any wood glue in our products.






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